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Our Land of Liberty Combination Set

Our Land of Liberty  Combination Set

United States history curriculum for 5th grade elementary students.

Our Land of Liberty presents the history of the United States in a student-friendly, informal style that does not intimidate or repel young readers and works well in both classroom and homeschool environments. Events are seen as living and potentially life-changing experiences from which we can all learn. Their story is told as it happened. Our Land of Liberty history curriculum is a geographically balanced study that recognizes America's multi-cultural, multi-ethnic heritage and diversity.

The Our Land of Liberty program is excellent for homeschooling or independent study and works as well at home as in the classroom. The unique format makes Our Land of Liberty ideal for students working alone or at their own pace. Each issue includes a versatile collection of student activities, projects, and exercises eliminating the need for additional expenses. The curriculum is supported by an extensive teacher's manual loaded with lesson background, activities, maps, copy masters, student responses, and additional testing opportunities.

Download a sample of Issue 1.

Download a sample of Issue 5B.

Everything for one student and teacher

Combines one Student Set with one Comprehensive Teachers Manual. Offered for students doing independent study, home schooling, or other one-on-one teacher-student applications.

Student Set - All 33 issues including six 8-page double issues plus two tests for a total of 152 pages packed in a resealable folder, one per student. Order in quantity for a discounted price.

Complete teacher reference and lesson guide - 408 page looseleaf teacher's manual containing the student text broken into suggested lesson blocks. Includes an extensive commentary, references, student answers, expanded lesson text, and many, many additional activities, maps, and copy masters.

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