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Homeschool Focus

Homeschool Focus

Welcome Homeschoolers

You are engaged in one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in education. You probably wouldn't be here if you weren't excited about the possibilities. But you may be worried about the responsibilities that go with it.

If teaching history and geography are on your horizon I have two thoughts to share:

  • Don't give up if you feel under qualified for the task. You will discover the joy of learning as you teach.

  • Don't substitute visits to historic sites and historical fiction for an organized approach to the subject. Students need to learn the cause and effect relationships in history or they miss the central purpose and value of the study.

Our Land publications and our educational philosophy are ideally suited to the needs of the homeschooling parent and student. Each issue is totally self contained, including reading, activities and student interaction in an easy to handle format similar to a worksheet. Easily understood questions and answers involve the reader in the events of the period being covered. The handout format allows our curriculum to present a great deal of information to the student without the intimidation factor of a large textbook.

Special Concerns Of Homeschoolers...

Parents choose to homeschool their children for many reasons and come from many backgrounds. Our Land programs are written with a deep respect for historical accuracy and for the student's responsibility to draw their own conclusions from their studies. It is our desire to present the facts of history without adding a "politically correct" spin to events. Here are some answers to common questions concerning our programs...

  • Do you teach religious principles & doctrines?

Our Land Publications do not present specific doctrinal or religious views, but do recognize our Judeo-Christian heritage and include a strong and consistent emphasis on the traditional values vital to spiritual understanding.

  • Are these programs revisionist?

History is history. It is the record of events past. Interpretation is subjective. Our Land Publications do not interpret history for the homeschool teacher or student(s).

  • What about political correctness?

Like revisionism, political correctness is inappropriate to a solid study of history. We study the past not to judge it, but to learn from it. Our Land Publications do not attempt to make history fit contemporary needs, but do provide a solid basis on which to understand the past and build a better future for our students and nation.

Primary Applications In homeschooling

  • As the Core Curriculum

Our Land Publications are designed to provide an organized curriculum core with which textbooks and other sources may be used as supplements.  A thorough Comprehensive Teacher's Manual supports each program.

  • As Activity Sheets

Each issue provides at least one activity, project, or exercise that may be used to expand the lessons or as a textbook supplement.

  • With One or Several Students

The periodical format of Our Land Publications is perfect for any form of independent study. Every student has his/her own set of papers handed out one at a time as they are ready for them. As a rule, they work through the lessons alone with parental/teacher supervision and oversight. When responses are required and as directed by the Teacher's Manual, answers are shared and discussed openly. The programs also work well with mixed age or grade levels. Our Land Publications provide readable, interesting and rewarding study material for higher and lower grade students working together or separately. The activities, discussion topics, and other resources may be used to expand their study interests as well.

  • Don't forget the Teacher's Manual

One of the most valuable assets of Our Land Publications in homeschooling is the Comprehensive Teacher's Manual offered for each study. This manual should be used by every teacher whether in a cluster or with a solitary student. It will walk you through the study one step and lesson at a time and give you countless additional activities, study resources, questions to ask (and their answers), and provide the vital information needed to teach this subject.

Product choices

Programs include Our Land of Liberty covering U.S. History as well as our state history programs: My California, My Texas, My Indiana and My Illinois. Student sets and Comprehensive Teacher's Manuals are available separately as well as in Combination Packs containing one Student Set and one Teacher's Manual at a discounted price.


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